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About Me

I got my PhD from the University of Hong Kong (HKU) under the supervision of David McCarthy and my MPhil from Lingnan University under the supervision of Jiji Zhang and Simon Goldstein.

I am interested in the following question: what should I do in the face of uncertainty? This is a quite big question. I hope I could resolve it gradually in my life.

For now, I am focusing on the questions cocerning the foundations of Bayesianism, using the decision-theoretic approach. My research questions are:

  • Why Probabilism / Imprecise Probabilism?

  • How should we update in real-life scenarios?

Apart from my research in the foundations of Bayesianism, I also have a strong interest in Artificial Intelligence. In particular, I am interested in various ethical issues involved in Machine Learning and Artificial General Intelligence. I am working on a project on using incomplete preference when aligning LLMs.

You can contact me at You can also find me here: Philpaper.